TRS80 Model 4P FreHD Installation

Following on from the post about the Model 4 FreHD installation, here are a few pictures showing the installation of a FreHD Hard Disk Emulator in my TRS-80 Model 4P.

The mounting chassis is the frame from a dead Miniscribe 8425 hard drive.  The FreHD is mounted on a piece of plastic attached in the drive frame.

The FreHD is connected to the Model 4P expansion connector with a long 50 way ribbon cable.  Installation required a lot more disassembly of the machine than for the Model 4. The ribbon cable routes from the expansion connector across the 4P motherboard and comes out at the front of the chassis (but inside the plastic case) before it can get into the drive bay.

An SD Card extender (available on eBay) was used to make the SD Card accessible outside the Model 4P case. In this installation the SD Card socket is accessible in the modem port bay at the back of the 4P.



FreHD in recycled Miniscribe Drive Chassis

4P front view replacing a 5.25" Floppy

4P rear view showing SD Card slot and expansion cable



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