A Pile of Kaypro

From time to time I hear about someone who has enough retrocomputers and isn't looking for any more.  I am trying to be like that person but it doesn't always work out, particularly when you try to help out a friend.

It all started when I saw an advertisement on the New Zealand Trade Me auction site for a Kaypro 4.  I didn't need a Kaypro 4, I already had one but I knew someone who did - my friend Philip in Christchurch.  I was even silly enough to volunteer to go a pick up the machine and sort out shipping to increase the chances that it would arrive in Christchurch in one piece.

Philip won the auction (good price too!) and called the seller to explain that some other person would come and pick up the machine.  

He then called me back and the call went something like this....

Philip:  He is OK with the pickup.  You can call him on xxx to make the arrangements.

Me: Great.  That sounds easy.

Philip:  He said that he also has some manuals, disks and two other Kaypro.  They are labelled Kaypro II.

Me: Oh... I don't really need any more machines and who knows if they would work.

Philip: Sure you don't want them?

Me: OK... offer him $x and we will take the lot and see what works.


... and so arrived the tower of Kaypro, the challenges of which wil be explained in future articles.



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