IOT for the Small Block - Part 1

There has been much written about IOT (Internet of Things..... devices that we wouldn't initially think of as computers connected to the internet.... smart thermometers, refrigerators, coffee machines, etc) and while there are some interesting, fun and possibly limited utility applications of IOT for the average apartment dweller, for those of us that live on lifestyle blocks IOT devices really can help.

This is the first in a series of posts describing how I have used an IOT device (a little computer really) that connects to my block wide WIFI network and does really useful things.

The basis for all my IOT devices to date is the BlockTECH WIFI Controller board.  


Assembled BlockTECH WIFI Controller v2

On my block I use the BlockTECH WIFI Controller for the following:

  • Monitoring inputs and triggering outputs when the input state changes (a smart burgler alarm - great for the workshop).
  • Automatic monitoring on/off at configured times (no need to remember when to enable the alarm).
  • Manual output control from my smart phone (switching off the electric fence before I walk out of the house so the horses, always happy to see me and their breakfast don't zap themselves).
  • Monitor bore and pump running state and chart the results (find out which neighbor has the leak that causes the shared bore to run 24 hours a day).

The BlockTECH WIFI Controller is modular and can be assembled with only the components required for the task at hand.  

  • If only monitoring then exclude the relays and drivers.
  • If you only want to control the electric fence or the front gates from your smart phone then exclude the input circuits and install a single relay.  
  • If you want to monitoring the bore and pump then exclude the relays and use a single input.

I will write a seperate posts for each showing how the board is assembled and the software configured.


BlockTECH WIFI Controller v3 Schematic



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